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February 15, 2008

Chill ‘n’ Chat at Nyonya Restaurant, Subang Parade

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I caught up with another old friend, Jeff Ooi, who is a well-known blogger turned politician for a chill and chat over food. We settled for a nyonya restaurant located at the ground floor of Subang Parade. From the outside, it looked cosy although it occupied only a half of shop lot space.

I generally like what we ordered, roti jala, laksa and pai tee, but I am most impressived with the laksa. The roti jala can be better served. I found the roti jala abit soggy and wet (tasted like pre-prepared and heated over oven). Overall, the food is decent although I think we have tasted better nyonya food in both Penang and Malacca. However, the price is decent and reasonable. If you crave local Penang nyonya laksa and find it a hassle to travel 400km, this restaurant may not be a bad choice.

Find out what’s Jeff evaluation of Nyonya Restaurant and his personal sharing.


January 13, 2008

Gavin’s Homecooked Fried Rice

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A friend of mine, SK Thew, wanted to know how to cook a simple fried rice for his family especially the durian of his eyes. Hence, I have decided to share a simple recipe on how to prepare homecooked fried rice.

I have prepared this for a number of my friends before and they loved it! It is a Penang nyonya recipe passed down by my granny. I hope she is proud of me :oP.

Here is a simple way to prepare fried rice. Try it and let me know if you like it. However, go slow on the soya sauce and vegetarian oyster sauce. Otherwise it might taste too salty.

Let me know if you have some secret recipes to share. 

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